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Welcome to ClimbBristol – The Avon Gorge Regeneration Project


banner1No other UK city but Bristol has a wild landscape right at its heart: The Avon Gorge. It’s a geological wonder. Where else can you be ‘on the rock’ within 15 minutes of work? There are 750 routes to scale on the high limestone cliffs of Avon Gorge. Each of these routes has a bit of history and some are so physically and mentally demanding that they’ve only ever been climbed once. Climb Bristol is a BMC funded project started by the local climbing community who want to see a regeneration of this superb and unique climbing venue.


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Photo: Longleat Enterprises Ltd

Chris Bonington CBE , Britain’s best known mountaineer:’I did some of my best pioneering in the Avon Gorge while I was at RMA Sandhurst in the mid fifties, particularly in opening up the Main Wall. I have many great memories and it’s really important not only to maintain access to the finest “city” crag in the UK but also for it to be looked after…’


Photo: Martin Crocker

Photo: Martin Crocker

Hazel Findlay, one of the UK’s finest young climbers: ‘When I lived in Bristol it was certainly a pleasure to be able to walk or cycle from my house to the crag. It’s true that I’ve had a few scary moments in Avon, but a lot of fun as well…I hope the Gorge continues to be a social centre for the climbers in Bristol’’



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