Funding ends but its not the end of the project

BMC funding for  the ClimbBristol project  ended in February 2015. 25th February saw the last meeting of the ClimbBristol volunteer coordinating committee. Achievements were celebrated and the hard work of the volunteers over the last 3 years was toasted with a glass of bubbly. Many of the aims of the project have been met – not least re-bolting, major clearance and forging good links with other stakeholders with interests in the Avon Gorge.

One of the legacies it will leave is the invitation from The Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, for the climbing community to be involved in a series of Avon Gorge open days in the summer of 2015. It is planned that the Portway will be closed to all traffic from dawn to dusk, while the area is used for public festivities. Dates will be put on Facebook when known.

The project doesn’t end here. It may not be a formal entity any more but the BMC area officer will still be involved in coordination with the other stakeholders, and will be encouraging volunteers to continue the good work already done.

You can still find and post up to date news on the Facebook page and this website will be updated at regular intervals.


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