Parking issues in the Avon Gorge

We would all feel that the parking situation in the Avon Gorge is not ideal from a climbing point of view.

In the job queue for the Bristol City Council works team is an upgrade to the Seawalls car park, which is very welcome. The ‘dragon’s teeth’ will be replaced so as to prevent people driving onto the grass and the gravelled belay area. The surface will be re-dressed, including the belay area. All good so far, though when this work will happen is uncertain.

As far as The Amphitheatre/Suspension Bridge Buttress is concerned there are two gated entrances under Lower Amphitheatre Wall which can be for informal parking. However it is very important to note that only one vehicle can be parked in each entrance. This is despite the legal position, which is that it is illegal to park between double yellow lines and the boundary of the Highway – and comes about because we have an informal agreement with Parking Services that they will tolerate one vehicle parked sensibly in each of the gateways.

The overview below is courtesy of Mr Google.SBBParking



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