Our partners

Photo: James Ayres

Our partners

Collaboration with the Gorge’s land owners and conservationists has always been considered a priority by the local climbing community. ClimbBristol believes that these relationships can be made stronger still and wishes to work with partners to create a stable long term future for access to and the upkeep of the Gorge and to make it as popular as it deserves to be without compromising other interests.

The gorge is owned by several organisations including the Bristol City Council, the Society of Merchant Venturers and The Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust. A small part of it is in private ownership. The Downs Committee consists of the Lord Mayor, the Master of the Merchant Venturers, six councillors, and six Merchant Venturers and together they manage and protect the gorge.

Several other organisations have an interest in the wildlife of the gorge and The Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife project has been established by the Bristol City council which draws in these organisations. It includes The Downs Committee, Natural England, Bristol Zoo gardens, the University of Bristol, the National Trust and the Merchant Venturers.

‘We’ve already shown locally that we can contribute to vital conservation programmes, to public safety, and to visitors’ experience. We plan to do much more of the same.’  – Martin Crocker. ClimbBristol Project Officer and Guidebook Author.


We’re strengthening our links with various Bristol City Council departments with the aim of improving safe public access to the Gorge. Find out more about the work we are doing  with the various stakeholders on the about us page


Key partnership figures

Andrew Gordon, Downs Committee officer

Becky Coffin, Bristol city Council environmental officer


Mark Sperduty, Bristol City Council traffic engineer

Chris Westcott, Natural England Officer


Mandy Leivers, Avon Gorge Wildlife Project


Anthony Brown, Master of the Society of Merchant Venturers.


Bill Morris, National Trust warden for west side of the gorge.


David Anderson, Clifton Suspension Bridge Master




Climb Bristol and the BMC are immensely grateful for the support we were given in July 2014 that helped create a memorable climbing festival in the Gorge: 

The BMC Access & Conservation Trust
Avon & Somerset Search & Rescue Team
Undercover Rock
Dicks Climbing
Taunton Leisure
Bloc climbing Centre
Bristol City Council
Steve Winslow at Cloudworks Media

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